Collection: Ixtåu Seers' Åpøcrypha

In the early days of Alkitek experimentation on implementing æyther into their inventions, the elite magicians and sciences of Lucidia knew no ethical boundaries; nothing was taboo. As such, it led to the development of the Æyther Core—a way to prolong life infinitely. At the same time, a faction grew out of alarm, troubled by the idea of infinite life, burdened by the worries of living within a closed realm of such little land to share. Over time this faction became akin to a religion, striving to bring sterilization to the lands during the great famines caused by overpopulation. While they were not opposed to altering their minds and bodies in the common Transhuman fashions, they did reject the idea of storing their souls within culture-matrixes for transmission to Æyther Cores. Over time, the leader of the group, Ixtåu Nøva, a scientific genius in his own right, decided he needed to be able to access the multiple timelines to bring about his goal.

To achieve this, he needed more mental processing power than was capable of through typical nanodaptation procedures. The only way around this was to create clones of himself operating all on the same frequency in a parallel fashion. To achieve this, he created his own pocket matrix to trap his soul within a separate timeline inaccessible by the Lucdiain rulers and created clones of himself with modified, quantum-linked Æyther Cores. He initially began with seven copies of himself, but after leaving the realm of Lucidia, the number of copies can't be counted. This has granted Ixtåu immense powers to pierce all timelines within the multiverse, granting him semi-omniscience.

He is now known as the Ixtåu Seer, founder of the Church of Necronormalcy.